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About Mentorship AI

Expand Your Career in Data Science. Let us show you the way.

Want to take your career to the next level? Get a professional Data Science mentor to help you build your skills and land a job in the most exciting and lucrative field! During your mentorship, you will build an original project targeted towards your area of interest and aligned to your desired job. We'll guide you as you develop you project idea, select or generate data sets, build machine learning and deep learning models, and deploy a prototype to demonstrate your abilities.

In parallel, we will guide you through the entire job search process including writing your resume, targeting job postings, networking, interviewing, negotiating, and completing the decision making process.

Your mentorship will help you:

  • Build technical skills and experience in targeted technologies and tools such as Python, Git, Pytorch, Tensorflow, AWS, GPUs, Django, and many more.
  • Streamline your job search efforts to minimize time and maximize results
  • Practice interviewing and master technical, coding, and business case sample questions
  • Negotiate higher offers and follow a proven decision making process that minimizes stress